What is it like teaching Japanese?
A new “awareness” can be obtained from doubts unique to learners

How to see “Japanese”, feeling how it differs greatly between learner and us.
Even words that we normally casually use are mysterious for learners.
For difficult questions, I will think about it with the learner and find the answer.

For example …

  • Why are you only using “Hello” by phone?
  • How do you use “beginning” and “beginning” differently?
  • Why is the traffic light “green” but “the blue signal”? Such

What kind of people are active?

No special qualification is necessary to participate in HANDS!

  • In HANDS, every student is active regardless of the undergraduate, from people who like teaching Japanese to those aiming for Japanese teachers.
    Those who are interested in teaching Japanese, those who can participate regularly in weekly activities, are welcome!

Why do not you come to experience once.